Simulation du monorail sur l'autoroute 40, au carré D'youville et sur le pont de Québec.

Voir l'article du TrensQuébec sur le Pont de Québec.



L'avenir nous appartient

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Soutenir le Monorail TrensQuébec 
Pour que le TrensQuébec soit déployé à travers le Québec.

The objective

Our goal is to inform as many people as possible of the enormous economic advantages in the development of the suspended TQ monorail system motorised by motor-wheels.

  1. The TQ monorail will be the least costly transport system to construct in the world ; it will cost approximately three times less to build than the French TGV. (see, Costs of construction)
  2. The monorail will be flexible to install practically anywhere : on the flat ground between two highways ; along an existing highway ; can be fixed to an existing bridge in order to cross a river ; in addition, the TQ monorail can go up and down hills, go under a building and rise up on the other side. (see, Description of monorail and Flexibility)
  3. In addition to low construction costs and great flexibility, the TQ monorail will travel at a rather high speed (250km/h), remain entirely ecological and profitable to the owner compagny or country, even in low densely populated areas. (see, Description of the monorail)
  4. The system could transport passengers as well as merchandise and thereby reduce the number of cars and truck on our roads. (see, Description of the monorail)
  5. This new technology has a great economic potential, since it could be exported to every country in the world, and reduce congestion in large cities, link airports to major cities, and link cities over longue distances, etc.
  6. Our first requirement is to build a 5 km test track at a cost of approximately 250 M$. (see, The financial requirements)