Simulation du monorail sur l'autoroute 40, au carré D'youville et sur le pont de Québec.

Voir l'article du TrensQuébec sur le Pont de Québec.



L'avenir nous appartient

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Soutenir le Monorail TrensQuébec 
Pour que le TrensQuébec soit déployé à travers le Québec.

The flexibility

flexiThe TQ monorail is a new technological concept, based on the motor-wheel, which does not exist anywhere in the world at the present time. This public transport system offers great flexibility. It can adapt to varying needs and  adjust easily to various transport situations.

Elevated at 10 or so meters, the monorail can be installed practically anywhere : on the flat strip of land betweem two major highways or in the middle of a urban highway. But since each monorail can reach 250km/h in less than a minute, it can service all major cities situated between a departure city and its final destination, without loosing much time, a phenomenon which is impossible for a TGV.

But especially, the transportation capacity of passengers by a TQ monorail is equivalent to a TGV. It can transport 75 000 passengers in an 18 hr day and more than 27 million per year with five vehicles departing every 10 minutes. Nonetheless each vehicle must maintain a certain distance from each other, so as only one vehicle can travel between two pylons at one time.


Since each vehicle is autonomous transporting about 70 passengers, departure times can be more easily ajusted to the needs of passengers. Vehicles could leave every 5 minutes or so, whereas a TGV requires a fixed schedule in order to accomodate 300 or more passengers at one time.

In addition, the monorail system will be efficient for all distances between 5 km and 1 000 km, and be able to adapt to all municipal and inter municipal regions as well as any mountainous region.

Finally, a monorail system in an urban area can be easily coordinated with the local subway or bus service, and offer a better link to the airport. With departures every few minutes, the system can transport some 25 000 passengers during the three hour morning rush and the same in the afternoon.